What we do

As the saying goes, human nature was meant to be one of sharing and caring and that gives real meaning to life. ENVIRUMEDIC endeavours to put the poor, the excluded and the distressed in direct contact with the generous individuals and corporate bodies, and afford them an opportunity to exercise their generosity and be fully aware of who is benefitting and how. This will bring about transparency that will encourage the generous individuals and corporate bodies themselves to support our programme even more and to inform others to do the same.

Thematic Areas:

The Organization focuses on the following thematic areas;

  • Climate Change/Environmental Awareness
  • Right to Human Security During Conflict and Emergencies Preparedness
  • Right to Education
  • Right to Health
  • Right to Just and Democratic Governance
  • Gender and Women’s Right
  • Right to food
  • Child Sponsorship

LRP in Delta State
ENVIRUMEDIC implements the Local Rights Programme (LRP) in Delta State with support from ActionAid Nigeria. LRP is an integrated development and community driven programme which recognises that the fight against poverty can only be won through unique partnership between all stakeholders, civil society, public and the private sector.

The programme is funded through child sponsorship mechanism (now includes donations) that helps to facilitate long term programming for poverty eradication in communities with high degree of poverty and exclusion. The child sponsorship and message collection programme have been deployed by ENVIRUMEDIC as one very veritable development mechanism that has helped to entrench the name ENVIRUMEDIC in all the 12 communities where it has presence. Through the child message collection, several children have been linked which has helped in the attraction of support from donors that necessitated the sitting of some basic infrastructure in some of the communities. Through it, particularly with the very functional REFLECT circles that have been formed, lots of capacity building have been done at the different community level for the various community circles that have been formed with the help of facilitators.


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