Youths In Agriculture

This is ENVIRUMEDIC’s target programme to enhance the youth in Activista in which youth leadership skill, governance, business and the likes are embedded. The youth in Agriculture training is also a key responsibility in which aqua culture, cassava farming, ethanol production, ICT development and the rest training are keyed in for proper agricultural services and sustainable development agenda for growth in the country Nigeria and the World at large. One of the most viable ways to sustaining a business has been adopted to impact largely on the teeming youths in Nigeria and identified as Micro Enterprise Fundamentals.

Training on MicroEnterprise FundamentalStep down training in the office on Micro Enterprise Fundamental (MEF)

Micro-enterprise is small businesses owned and operated by poor entrepreneurs and has the potential to help the world’s poorer populations. On the ground of creating awareness, encouraging and developing the youths on this backdrop,  U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Market II project conducted a Five Day Training of Trainers (TOT) for Youths, and NGOs, including ENVIRUMEDIC on microenterprise fundamental (MEF). MEF (MicroEnterprise Fundamentals) is an integrated Approach to Income generation, Household nutrition and Homestead Farming. It is an interactive and learners-centered curriculum that relies on experiential learning methodology in order to help learners relate with their everyday lives and businesses.

ENVIRUMEDIC tends to build and develop groups of aspiring youth entrepreneurs, with a strong focus on rural entrepreneurs and other business such as aqua culture. The organization also tends to extend the knowledge to farming cooperatives composed of low-income men and women. The training will provide largely rural entrepreneurs with the skills needed to start and sustain business activities, expand and diversify their existing businesses.

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Executed Workshops and Community Based Programmes:

Reflect Methodology for Communities/Facilitators.

REFLECT stands for “Regenerated Freirean Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques”. It is based on the theory of conscientization, pioneered by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire. The emphasis is placed on dialogue and action, awareness-raising, cooperation and empowerment. Adult learners explore development challenges and find ways to overcome them. Such issues become the basis for learners to be taught literacy and numeracy skills. By this, communities are encouraged to use these skills to generate income to improve their livelihoods. This empowering process gives an opportunity to freely discuss any issue including sensitive cultural traditions. The main task of facilitators is to keep the interactive dialogue on track.

Reflect Cycles

REFLECT stands for REGENERATIVE FREIRIAN LITERACY through EMPOWERING COMMUNITY TECHNIQUES and is an innovative approach to adult learning and social change, which fuses the theories of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire with participatory methodologies.

Training on Protecting Peoples Mandate in Elections

The Training prepares a critical mass of Deltans who can become visible in the campaign for credible elections in Nigeria. It seeks to develop people’s capacity for non-violent participation and democratic citizenship by inspiring in young and old people a vision of leadership founded on the promotion of open society through observance of human rights.

ENVIRUMEDIC sees the REFLECT circles – as a means to empower women in their families and local communities, and as a tool to give all rural communities a stronger voice. With the information and knowledge acquired in the REFLECT circles, some communities have successfully been able to solve domestic disputes and to challenge the local government and claim their rights.

We embark on REFLECT to – build relationship with community members, generate issue from community for future planning, analyze community issues and make priorities for intervention, and support community members to use their own effort to solve immediate problems.

Girl Child Education for Communities

Programme designed to meet UNESCO and the global community including Nigeria to attain the Dakar Education for All (EFA) Goals in Delta State.

Workshop on Capacity Building for Community Facilitators on HIV/AIDS

The Workshop primarily focuses on fostering a shared understanding of the concept, principles and processes of HIV and AIDS mainstreaming into livelihoods and food security programmes as a foundation of effective HIV and AIDS mainstreaming in livelihoods work. It builds on existing best practices in mainstreaming to come up with practical tools and guidelines for addressing HIV and AIDS internally in the communities and externally in food security/livelihoods programmes

Workshop on Teenage Pregnancy

The programme is designed to reach and serve young people in communities at risk for unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and high risk behaviours. It provides teens and their families with the information and tools to help delay sexual activity and prevent unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, which is vital to improving outcomes for adolescents. It provides a holistic approach to health care and community-based prevention efforts. Management and community facilitators design and implement activities to help young men understand their passage through boyhood and manhood as a prelude to fatherhood. Activities include training and educational opportunities offered through schools and community facilitators.

Meeting with Community Facilitators

The programme is designed to create an environment in which community facilitators share ideas, opinions, experiences, and expertise in order to achieve the Local Rights Programme (LRP) goal. During meetings, a skilled facilitator is allowed to smooth the way for others to brainstorm options, identify viable solutions, and develop and implement action plans

Women’s Forum

The Forum facilitates empowerment of women and building self esteem. Annually, we organize such Forum in communities in Delta State since 2008. It is a continuous process.

With the Forum, community women form farmers’ cooperatives to enjoy soft loans from government and local agencies.

ENVIRUMEDIC supervises monthly meeting and helps to cooperatives to advocate for support from government and local agencies.

Training of Youth and Adult Peer Educators

The Objective here is the promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Reduction of HIV prevalence and impacts in communities. This training is community-based.

Mobilization of Peer Educators/Reviewers Planning for Identification and Selection of Peer Educators

This programme is used to effect changes in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours at the individual level in communities. It creates change at the group or societal level by modifying norms and stimulating collective action that contributes to changes in policies and programmes.

In our communities, peer educators participate in formative research and programme evaluation in order to inform the design and content of activities.

Monthly Community Influencers and Gatekeepers Forum/Meetings

Forums/meetings strengthen community leadership effectiveness in ensuring that all decisions are in the best interest of the community; this lies at the heart of good corporate governance in place. Meetings stress reliance on capable men and women both within and outside the community, to approve decisions, interpret local laws, assess the community’s internal controls and state of compliance, advise on reliability and quality of leadership, provide good finance expertise and the like.

Nurturing of CBO and Cooperatives

Programme is designed to build a voluntary alliance of CBOs and cooperatives, operating in Delta State, which engages in poverty eradication, disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness programmes and mobilize timely and appropriate responses to man-made and natural disasters. The nature of challenges and the complexity of these activities have led to an increased need to develop knowledge around the same. A learning engagement – through conceptualization and reflection is necessary for taking the engagement with collectives to a higher level.

Advocacy and Sensitisation visit to Delta House of Assembly

Community Re-sensitization/Step Down on Integrated LRP and Sponsorship Programme

During Mentoring and Support visit to the REFLECT circles

Baseline, Sensitization and Mobilization for Women Economic Project

ELBAG training for Delta Communities and ELBAG follow up events: Meeting of trained CSOs and communities for planning Delta engagement strategy, advocacy visits to relevant stakeholders and way forward Budget tracking

Economic Literacy and Budget Accountability for Governance (ELBAG) is an approach promoted by citizens and Civil Society Organisations to monitor government budgets, economic policies and decision making for just and democratic governance. It is a part of a citizen’s movement to seek accountability for Governance.

At the State level, this is designed to build capacities of civil society organisations, rural communities and government officials in budget analysis and advocacy; to equip the people and create space for civic engagement, promote accountability and transparency in budget processes; and promote public budget tracking and monitoring of programme implementation.

Training focuses on resource mobilization, public finance analysis methodologies, financial management, participatory monitoring and evaluation, participatory budget analysis and tracking, advocacy, gender mainstreaming and budgeting. Also linked to this training is the interpretation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS).

Identification of Viable Income generating Activities and Participatory Feasibility Studies

LRP Community Participatory Review and Planning Field work

The Review offers opportunities for improving the performance of poverty eradication activities, building the management capacity of local communities, enhancing local learning, management capacity and skills, building partnerships and sense of local ownership over community projects, building consensus among programme staff and communities about project goals/objectives, providing timely, reliable, and valid information for management decision-making, increasing cost-effectiveness of review information, and empowering local community members to make their own decisions about the future.

Community Children Against Hunger Project

Instead of packaging food for children in communities, Art contest on “Faces of Hunger” drawings and poems is organised.

World Food Day Celebration

We celebrate World Food Day every year on 16 October with farmers in honour of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945.

Management and LRP Communities strongly believe that if Deltans individually own a farm that would increase food production and as a result reduce hunger in the State

Mapping of Farmers Groups at Community Level and Support Group Formation

Mapping is to help individual farmers, their groups and community service providers understand and visualize networks of relationships that are important to them; to involve these groups in participatory analysis and discussion that will build their capacity to strengthen their networks; and to develop a network analysis method that is simple enough for community service providers to use with a reasonable amount of training.

It is intended to make farmer groups strong and supported by a number of organisations, which will generate much credibility and group of women farmers will command much more respect from community members.

Baseline assessment of farmers in LRP Communities

We conduct this assessment to – collect information and develop a detailed understanding of current knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to farm management and crop production, providing a baseline against which progress will be monitored; identify marketing constraints and sources of market information; and promote farmer participation in defining their needs, identifying constraints, and designing project interventions to promote changes in farmer attitudes and behaviors concerning efficiency and crop production.

Sensitization and Advocacy Meeting on Negative Widowhood Practices

This is to promote the culture of human rights, and to discuss the causes, effects and potential solution to the issue of widowhood rites. Widow rites has been described as one of the most dehumanizing, uncivilized and negative cultural practices in the world, due to its associated violation of women’s rights.

Support the Provision of Alternative Livelihood Schemes (Cassava Processing Mill) For Women Groups in Communities

Civic Education for Community Members / Other Stakeholders

The programme is designed to – raise level of knowledge about civic rights and responsibilities among people; to promote people’s level of participation in the electoral process and other civic programmes; to facilitate engagement of women in the process of addressing gender inequality and poverty as key factors affecting their participation in civic programmes.

Advocacy visit on community farmers’ access to farm inputs

Women farmers forum, Asaba

Emergency First Action Support Team (EFAST)-Relief Material Support in Ophorigbala and Egbo-Ideh Communities



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